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Do you have a free catalog?

Yes, you can download a free Canon Curriculum catalog here. Please feel free to ask curriculum questions in the Christian Education Hub Facebook group—you’ll get a quick response!

Does a Noeo Science bundle include experiment kits and the instructor guide, or should I purchase those separately?

The Noeo Bundles (Bio 1 & 2; Phys 1, 2, & 3; Chem 1, 2, & 3) contain everything you need for each year of science (experiments, books, and instructor guide). No need to buy anything else! Feel free to ask further science questions in the Christian Education Hub Facebook group—you’ll get a quick response!

Am I allowed to make copies of your books for classroom or individual use?

No, US copyright law prohibits duplicating books, whether through electronic or physical means. If there’s an exception to this rule, it will be listed on the copyright page of your book. Canon Press grants permission for scholarly quotations with citation or short copied selections for educational use. Email [email protected] if you have further questions.

Canon Press Hours and Contact info:

Canon Press is open from 8-5pm, M-F (Pacific time).

Come and visit us at:

Canon Press

207 N Main St | P.O. Box 8729

Moscow, ID 83843


[email protected]

You can fill out our contact form by clicking here.

Orders & Shipping Policy

Return Policy

All books, homeschool curriculum, and materials purchased directly from Canon or Logos Press, with the exception of audio, video, or other digital products, may be returned for a full refund with the following conditions:

Mailing Address for Returns:

Canon Press


207 N. Main St.

Moscow, ID 83843

Damaged Products:

Incorrect Shipments:

Upon receipt of the shipment, please verify the items to the invoice or packing slip as you unpack the box. Please notify us of any discrepancy within 72 business hours. We also ask that you provide us with your detailed review of the “books received” compared to our invoice and/or packing slip.

All published material by Canon Press is protected under US copyright law. If you would like to publish excerpts or use material from one of our titles in any other form, please complete the Copyright Permissions form and email it to us at [email protected].

Cantus Christi Permissions:

No part of the Cantus Christi may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of Canon Press. In addition, we gratefully acknowledge permissions to reprint texts, tunes, and arrangements granted by the publishers, organizations and individuals listed on pages xviii and 443-445 of the Cantus Christi. With the exception of texts written by Douglas Wilson, Canon Press does not have the right to grant permissions for the items listed on those pages. You will need to contact the copyright holders directly.

Please review the above listed pages. If the text, tune, or arrangement does not appear on that page, please complete the Copyright Permissions form and send it to us at [email protected]. If you need extra lines, please attach a separate sheet of paper.

Foreign Language Translation Rights:
Canon Press receives many requests from publishers and mission organizations worldwide to translate books into other languages. We prefer to contract directly with an established publisher. Canon Press may grant exclusive rights to a publisher for a translated edition, in a specific territory, including English translations other than American-English.

How do I know if Canon Press holds the rights to a book? Look on the copyright page of the book or on the reverse side of the copyright page. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

How do I know if translation rights are available for a specific title in a specific territory? Please email [email protected]. If this is your first request with Canon Press you must complete the Publisher Questionnaire.

In addition, you must complete the Contract Request form for each title you are requesting. Please note, the information you provide in this form will appear in the preliminary contract. Please review your information to be sure it is correct. Send your completed forms to us at [email protected].

Would Canon Press be a good fit for my unpublished manuscript?

Check our submissions guidelines at this page:

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