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Education is Warfare

All Logos Press curriculum is designed to help you raise faithful, dangerous Christian kids who impact the world for Christ and leave craters in the world of secularism.

About 7 out of 10 Christian kids in public schools abandon Christ in college. °

That means young Christians have a better chance surviving Normandy beach than public schools.

Parents often think their kid will be the exception. But do you really like your odds? Education really is warfare and the casualties today are the Christian kids.

God's Word tells fathers to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

The charge to “nurture” comes from the Greek word paideia . It means more than just education—a paideia imparts a whole culture, a whole world.

Paul told Christian parents in Ephesus that they are responsible for raising their children as if they lived in a Christian culture. He was telling that Ephesian father to build for his kids a Christian world. That world didn’t exist yet. A world where Jesus of Nazareth is central to schools, food, government, entertainment, where he is Lord over all things.

In this spirit, Logos school was built in a place that didn’t offer that kind of Christian education. Faithful men and women put their hand to the plow and built classrooms and curriculum that trained students to bring every subject under the Lordship of Christ.

And 40 years later, their faithful efforts have reaped a harvest. ° Compared to students in public, prep, Catholic, evangelical, and homeschools, our students are the most prepared for adulthood as mature Christians.

They are the most prepared for college as they ace majority of their classes and finish with degrees, which prepares them for jobs. They don’t feel utterly helpless or purposeless, even when life is hell. They have great friendships and people they trust to help them, even if they disagree with them, so they feel spiritually fulfilled and grateful for life. They have higher standards for marriage and divorce,  and it shows because they honor God as they date well and stay married longer. Even their wives and children talk about God more, share dinners often, and pray together more than 3x/week.

It helps that they’re faithful readers of Scripture who consistently worship on Sundays, share fellowship during weekdays, and submit to church leadership. They believe the Bible is the true authority today for how we ought to live. And it doesn’t matter how many scientists or gay couples they know; they won’t follow the cult of science or compromise biblical morals.

Putting all the data together, Christian kids raised in the paideia of the Lord are far better prepared for college and careers, life’s ups and downs, and building a faithful Christian life for their families.

So, fathers, the choice is yours.  The Lord has called you to build a Christian world. And we want to help. Education is warfare: where will you send them?

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By now you've probably wondered how well the education you are giving or will give your kids is going to set them up for success? How prepared will they be to leave your home and head out into the world? That’s probably why you’re so involved in their education in the first place.

Those were the same concerns that sparked the classical Christian movement in America.

In 1980, Nancy Wilson told her husband Doug she couldn’t imagine just sending their daughter Bekah off to be educated by someone they didn’t even know.

So Doug, with no idea of how to run a school, no funding, and not to mention no building, promised to start the first classical Christian school by the time Bekah was ready for kindergarten.

Trailblazing is hard work, and there were plenty of things to figure out, but after 10 years of learning, prepping in his truck between classes, and guiding Logos School to success, Doug shared his vision with the world in the book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning . It was the spark that lit the classical Christian movement. Soon parents were realizing they had other options for their children, and soon they were putting in the hard work to start schools, homeschools, and organizations like Classical Conversations all over the country based off of Logos School’s model. Kids’ lives were being changes all across the world.

But movements need materials. So Logos Press published the tested and proven curriculum developed in the classrooms and hallways of the school. The books that teach kids to think and inspire them to love God are here at your fingertips. Our mission has stayed the same since 1980, but the war for our kids is becoming more heated than ever. So if you are refusing to give your children to the enemy, if you are willing to fight, if you believe education is warfare we are here with you.

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See the survey of 1800 23-42 year old alumni by the University of Notre Dame, Good Soil: A Comparative Study of ACCS Alumni Life Outcomes. Credits: Cardus Education Survey, Association of Classical Christian Schools

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