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The Paideia of God: And Other Essays on Education

An excellent exposition of God's mandate to bring up children in the full admonition of the Lord. Written by Douglas Wilson, paperback, 149 pages.

Scripture requires Christian fathers to provide their children with a paideia of the Lord. To the ancient world, the boundaries of paideia were much wider than the boundaries of what we understand as education. Far more is involved in paideia than taking the kids to church, having an occasional time of devotions in the home, or even providing the kids with a Christian curriculum. In the ancient world, the paideia was all-encompassing, and involved nothing less than the enculturation of the future citizen. He was enculturated when he was instructed in the classroom, but the process was also occurring when he walked along the streets of his city to and from school or stood in line at the grocery store… er, market.

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