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Sons of the River

 A Nebraska Memoir

"Sons of the River is a stunning introduction to the psychological meaning of rural Nebraska. Every geography emanates from within its own peculiar power of place. The essence of the Elkhorn Valley in northeastern Nebraska is captured in this book. Rooted in the memory of a young boy, Sons of the River recounts the founding, growth and decline of Ewing in the Elkhorn Valley. But it's not so much a history as an elegiac prose poem, for farm and ranch life in the Sand Hills of Nebraska has long lost its rustic charm. This book is more than a memoir. Like all art, it halts the ravages of time. A book not just to be read but savored."
-James Sire, author of The Universe Next Door and Habits of the Mind

"Through the heartbreak of unforeseen change, Norm Bomer reminds us of the rich bonds of simple community and divine care. Sons of the River is a moving and rewarding read."
-Kay Orr, former governor of Nebraska

"Norm Bomer expertly portrays the frail weaknesses of real people, and then shows their redemption through God's grace. The book arouses a reader's own childhood memories, with personal triumphs and tragedies, and encourages one to look forward with hope."
-Jack M. Wells, Montana state Senator

"Books about family roots are legion. But here is one done with literary skill and with biblical reflection on covenant faithfulness, disobedience, and creation order and beauty. You will find it delightful and inspiring reading."
-Dr. John White, President, Geneva College

"Bomer is part of a cadre of American writers who are giving glowing biographies to some of the country's most forbidding territory. . . . Bomer details how landscape is destiny."
-Julia Duin, The Washington Times

ISBN-10: 1-885767-67-6 

ISBN-13: 978-1-885767-67-7


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