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Physics II

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  • Along Came Galileo
    Along Came Galileo
    Another incredible living biography from the author of Archimedes and the Door of Science. Galileo was the first to see the wonders of God's creation through a telescope. He expressed his gratitude by saying "Therefore do I...

  • Archimedes
    AND THE DOOR OF SCIENCE   Who was Archimedes? You'll enjoy finding out in this well-written living biography of the brilliant Greek scientist who once boasted that he could "move this earth" (using levers, pulleys,...

  • Gizmos & Gadgets
    Gizmos & Gadgets
    Creating Science Contraptions That Work   Don't miss this book! It is not only fun, but includes clear explanations and activities that teach the subjects of motion, energy, gravity, balance, forces, friction...and...

  • Mysteries & Marvels of Science
    Mysteries & Marvels of Science
    A fascinating glimpse into the marvelous wonders of God's creation. Incredible photographs, electron microscope images, and illustrations complement the detailed explanations of amazing subjects like: smashing atoms,...

  • Usborne Science Encyclopedia
    Usborne Science Encyclopedia
    This encyclopedia is chock-full of information about the animal world, plants and fungi, and the human body (and much more!). It includes over 1500 incredible photographs, illustrations, and diagrams. Optional Internet links...

  • Noeo Science: Physics 2
    Noeo Science: Physics 2
    $177.63 $142.10
    Designed especially for teaching science at home. Its multiple-textbook structure is best described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. In contrast with a single textbook approach, we...

  • Noeo Science: Physics 2 Instructor's Guide
    Noeo Science: Physics 2 Instructor's Guide
    Includes a full 36-week schedule of reading assignments, experiments and activities. Reproducible lab and science notebook pages are also included. View Sample Reproducible...

  • Physics 2 Experiment Kits
    Physics 2 Experiment Kits
    Each of these multi-award winning kits is individually packaged and includes: fully-explained experiments including: purpose, materials, methods, results, and conclusions (instructions for both student and teacher!), all of...

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