Logos Press 3rd Grade Homeschool Bundle

3rd Grade Daily Lesson Plans - $19.95

Science: Noeo Physics I

Title Retail Price
NOEO Instructor's Guide $19.95
A Crash Course in Forces and Motion $8.10
The Illuminating World of Light $8.10
The Attractive World of Magnetism $8.10
Adventures in Sound $8.10
Physics Discovery Kit $32.95
How Do You Lift A Lion? $7.99
First Flight: The Story of Tom Take and the Wright Brothers, by George Shea $3.99
How Ben Franklin Stole The Lightning $17.99
Thomas Edison: A Brilliant Inventor (Time for Kids Biographies) $4.99
Did it Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? $4.99
The Story of Inventions $10.99
I, Galileo $17.99
Alexander Graham Bell (National Geographic Reader: Level 2), by Barbara Kramer $3.99
National Geographic Kids First Big Book of Space $14.95
Wishing on a Star: Constellation Stories and Stargazing Activities for Kids $9.99 
Young Scientist Club Kit #3 Magnets $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #16 Flight $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #21 Light $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #22 Mirrors $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #33 Forces $10.99


Title Retail Price
Sarah, Plain and Tall  $5.99
Reading Guide: Sarah, Plain and Tall (Digital Download) $3.99
The Hundred Dresses  $7.99
Reading Guide: The Hundred Dresses (Digital Download) $3.99
The Cabin Faced West $6.99
Reading Guide: The Cabin Faced West (Digital Download) $3.99
The Courage of Sarah Noble $4.99
Reading Guide: The Courage of Sarah Noble (Digital Download) $3.99
Charlotte's Web $7.99
Reading Comprehension Guide: Charlotte's Web (Digital Download) $3.99
The Indian in the Cupboard  $6.99
Reading Guide: The Indian in the Cupboard (Digital Download) $3.99
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe $6.99
Reading Guide:The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe (Digital Download) $3.99
The Magician's Nephew $7.99
Reading Guide: The Magician's Nephew (Digital Download) $3.99
Babe: The Gallant Pig $6.99
Reading Guide: Babe The Gallant Pig (Digital Download) $3.99
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $6.99
Reading Guide: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Digital Download) $3.99
The Borrowers $6.99
Reading Guide: The Borrowers (Digital Download) $3.99
Stuart Little $6.99
Reading Guide: Stuart Little (Digital Download) $3.99
Little House on the Prairie $6.99
Reading Guide: Little House on the Prairie (Digital Download) $3.99
On the Banks of Plum Creek $6.99
Reading Guide: On the Banks of Plum Creek (Digital Download) $3.99


 History and Geography

Title Retail Price
Road Trip USA $29.95
National Geographic Kids United States Atlas $12.00

Wall Pops WPE0623 Kids USA Dry Erase Map Decal 

If You Lived in Colonial Times $6.99
If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution $6.99
If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution $6.99
If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War $6.99
If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad $6.99



Title Retail Price
Shurley English Homeschool Kit $70.00
Imitation In Writing: Fairy Tales $20.00
The Grammar of Spelling: Grade 3 $12.00
Classically Cursive, Book III - The Attributes of God $12.00
Classically Cursive, Book IV - The Shorter Catechism $12.00



Title Retail Price
Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit $131.10
Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives Kit $69.95



Title Retail Price
Logos Latin 1 DVD $49.00
Logos Latin 1 Student Workbook $19.00
Logos Latin 1 Tests & Quizzes $10.00
Logos Latin 1 Teacher's Manual $15.00



Title Retail Price
Cantus Christi $19.00
Cantica Sanctorum $10.00

3rd Grade Daily Lesson Plans - $19.95


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