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Logos 6th Grade Bundle

If you're interested in this bundle, please contact us at service@canonpress.org.

The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschool, Christian and classical schools.  We have put together what we consider to be the best homeschool curriculum for 6th grade on the market. And not only have we hand picked the highest quality materials, we also included Daily Lesson Plans to guide you through a full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.

Lesson Plan Sample

Science - We love Noeo (no-eh'-o) Science! Dr. Randy Pritchard, a scientist and a homeschooling father, has gathered top-rated reading materials and award-winning experiment kits to cultivate your child's wonder at the attributes of God revealed in His creation. You won't find a more complete, easier to use, or more economical homeschool science curriculum than this! Physics 2 is a perfect complement to our literature and history selection, with books on astronomy, electricity, and more for your curious explorer.

Latin - Because Latin has supplied English with most of its raw material, the study of Latin lays a firm foundation for precision and excellence in English. Our Logos Latin 4 was developed by Julie Garfield, a Logos School elementary Latin teacher with 20 years of Latin classroom experience. This is the same curriculum used by 5th graders at Logos School. 

Literature - Selections include classic literature taken right out of the Logos School reading list. Students are also introduced to the wonderful world of Shakespeare through Charles and Mary Lamb's prose re-telling of these great stories. We, of course, include Logos Press literature guides, written by Logos School teachers to help you make the most of reading time. And as an added bonus this year, you and your student can listen to Douglas Wilson teaching "What I Learned in Narnia" as well as Matt Whitling's explanation of Naturalism. 

History and Geography - Our 6th grade curriculum works through the third year of The Mystery of History, a complete World History series. Volume III tells the fascinating stories of the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, the rise of wealthy empires in West Africa, the Mogul dynasty of India, the Aboriginals of Australia, Ivan the Terrible in Russia and the Tokugawa family in Japan. The Historical Atlas of the World, the Atlas of World Geography, and the History Through the Ages timeline clearly show the where and when of world history. 

Math - Logos School and thousands of homeschooling parents agree: Saxon Math 7/6 can't be beat when it comes to well-researched, time-tested methods, and proven success in the home-school setting. Mid-level math continues to reinforce elementary math while introducing algebra concepts.

English Grammar & Composition - Analytical Grammar is the best grammar program for the middle school level. We recommend that you stay with this program for 3 years, giving your child a thorough mastery of sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalisation rules. We also incorporate their wonderful resource Beyond the Book Report. Sixth graders at Logos Schol transition from our spelling program to the study of vocabulary. We recommend Vocabulary from Classical Roots for the middle school years and include it in your bundle. Finally, sixth graders get to jump into the world of poetry with Matt Whitling as their guide. The Grammar of Poetry was developed at Logos School by Mr. Whitling, during his years teaching the sixth grade, so you know it's perfectly suited for this stage of learning. 

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  If you're interested in this bundle, please contact us at service@canonpress.org.


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