Logos Press 2nd Grade Homeschool Bundle

2nd Grade Daily Lesson Plans - $19.95


Science: Noeo Chemistry 1

Title Retail Price
Instructor's Guide $19.95
What's Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew $6.95
Super Science Concoctions $12.95
Mad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method $8.95
What’s the Matter in Mr. Whisker’s Room? $7.99
Many Kinds of Matter $8.99
True Books: The Elements $6.95
Chemistry: The Atom and Elements $11.99
George Washington Carver (National Geographic KIDS) $3.99
Pop! A Book About Bubbles $5.99
The Dynamic World of Chemical Reactions with Max Axiom $8.10
A Drop of Water $17.99
Everyday Materials: Plastic $6.95
National Geographic Reader: Rocks and Minerals  $3.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #1 Recycling $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #5 The Three Phases of $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #7 Minerals $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #8 Crystals $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #9 Fossils $10.99
Young Scientist Club Kit #11 Weight and Volume $10.99


History and Geography

Title Retail Price
"My First Book About (My State)" $7.95
(My State) Native Americans $7.95
(Myr State) History Lapbook (Download) $5.00
(My State) Wall Map $10.00
A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus  $7.99
A Picture Book of George Washington  $7.99
A Picture Book of Paul Revere $7.99
A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson  $7.99
A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark  $7.99
A Picture Book of Davy Crockett  $7.99
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln  $7.99
A Picture Book of George Washington Carver  $7.99
A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison  $7.99
John Adams Speaks for Freedom (Stories of Famous Americans) $3.99
Teddy Roosevelt: The People's President (Stories of Famous Americans)  $3.99


Reading & Literature

Title Retail Price
Miss Nelson is Missing $6.99
Little Bear's Visit $3.95
Make Way for Ducklings $7.99
The Sword of Abram $14.00
In Grandma's Attic $6.99
Frog and Toad are Friends $3.99
A New Coat for Anna $6.99
The Little House $7.99
Nate the Great and the Lost List $4.99
The Emperor's New Clothes $6.95
The Velveteen Rabbit $3.99
The Biggest Bear $6.95
Doctor De Soto $7.99
Madeline $7.99
Little House in the Big Woods
A Baby Sister for Frances $3.99
Amelia Bedelia $3.99
A Birthday for Frances $3.99
The Magic Fish $3.99
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain $4.99
Blaze and the Lost Quarry $6.99
Ox-Cart Man $6.99
The Tale of Peter Rabbit $3.99
In the Time of Noah $14.00
The Dragon and the Garden (paperback) $11.00
A Chair for My Mother $6.99 
2nd Grade Reading Guides (download) $26.00


English Grammar & Composition, and Handwriting


Title Retail Price
          Includes--Student Workbook
                          Teacher's Manual
                          Homeschool Audio CD
The Grammar of Spelling 2 $12.00
Imitation in Writing: Aesop's Fables $20.00

Classically Cursive: Bible Primer

Classically Cursive: Ten Commandments




Title Retail Price
Saxon Math 2 Homeschool Complete Kit 1st Edition $127.20
Saxon Math K-3 Manipulatives Kit $69.95



Title Retail Price
Wise Words $15.00
Cantus Christi $19.00
Cantica Sanctorum $10.00


Total Retail Price: $922.19

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