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  • Othello
    Canon Classics Othello is such a competent man, it’s shocking how quickly the good things in his life fall apart. The beautiful Desdemona falls in love with him—but her father is furious to the point of murder...

  • Pride and Prejudice
    Pride and Prejudice
    Canon Classics Finding husbands for her five daughters has become Mrs. Bennet’s sole obsession, because the girls will be penniless once Mr. Bennet’s estate goes to his cousin. The problem is that the Bennets...

  • Robinson Crusoe
    Robinson Crusoe
    Canon Classics Young Robinson Crusoe takes to the sea despite his parents’ wishes, but his enterprising life is stalled completely when he is shipwrecked. Ingenuity and the island provide him with every thing a person...

  • Sons of the River
    Sons of the River
     A Nebraska Memoir "Sons of the River is a stunning introduction to the psychological meaning of rural Nebraska. Every geography emanates from within its own peculiar power of place. The essence of the...

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    Canon Classics  Tom Sawyer lives a carefree life in the town of St. Petersburg on the Mississippi River, only needing to outwit his strict Aunt Polly or his petulant classmates upon occasion. But Tom and his best...

  • The Book Tree
    The Book Tree
    A Christian Reference for Children's Literature Foreword by George Grant   Once upon a time, a carpenter entered a forest and happened upon a wolf wearing a feathered cap. Quick--whose side are you on? If you don't...

  • The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt
    The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt
    by G.A. Henty "In spite of his reverence for the crocodile Chebron did not hesitate a moment, but rushing forward smote the crocodile on the nose with all his strength with the shaft of his spear. The crocodile dropped its...

  • The Dragon and the Raven: The Days of King Alfred
    The Dragon and the Raven: The Days of King Alfred
    by G.A. Henty "Edmund took one more glance at the distant conflict before turning. The swords had well-nigh ceased to rise and fall when he saw a sudden movement in the throng of Danes and suddenly a man burst out from them...

  • The Dragon's Tooth
    The Dragon's Tooth
    Ashtown Burials #1 By N.D. Wilson   For two years, Cyrus and Antigone Smith have run a sagging roadside motel with their older brother, Daniel. Nothing ever seems to happen. Then a strange old man with bone tattoos...

  • The Drowned Vault
    The Drowned Vault
    Ashtown Burials #2 By N.D. Wilson   It's been almost a year since Cyrus and Antigone Smith earned their places as Journeymen at Ashtown, home of an ancient order of explorers that has long guarded the world's secrets...

  • The Invisible Man
    The Invisible Man
    Canon Classics Against all odds, the unremarkable little man with a chip on his shoulder discovers the formula to make himself disappear. But instead of attaining the magnificent potential he first imagined, the Invisible...

  • The Scarlet Letter
    The Scarlet Letter
    Canon Classics Hester Prynne is an adulteress, and the bright red ‘A’ sewed on to her dress forever separates her from the other sad-colored inhabitants of her New England hometown. But no one else knows who the...

  • The Secret Garden
    The Secret Garden
    Canon Classics Transplanted from India to her reclusive uncle’s manor, Mary Lennox finds little on the wintry Scottish moor to distract her from the fact that she has always been sick and has never cared about anyone...

  • Through the Veil
    Through the Veil
    2011 Oregon Book Awards Finalist (Sarah Winnemucca Award for Creative Nonfiction) In Damascus a Muslim woman rises before dawn and performs a ritual washing before covering her head in prayer. A Kurdish man smiles with...

  • Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades
    Winning His Spurs: A Tale of the Crusades
    by G.A. Henty "The reply to the summons was a burst of taunting laughter from the castle walls; and scarcely had the herald withdrawn, then a flight of arrows showed that the besieged were perfectly ready for the...

  • What I Learned in Narnia (Lectures)
    What I Learned in Narnia (Lectures)
    "But it'll be a long story," said the Dwarf."All the better," said Lucy. "We love stories."Douglas Wilson begins this series of meditations on C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia with the observation, "I have learned...

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