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  • English I
    English I
    // Days: Monday - Thursday  Times  (Pacific Time):  8:00am - 8:50am - Grace Langness Class Description: Students 7th to 9th grade will gain a firm footing in the mechanics of English...

  • Latin I
    Latin I
    // Day: Monday - Thursday Times (Pacific Time):  9:00am - 9:50am - Lauren Abens 11:00am - 11:50am - Lauren Abens Class Description: This course covers the first part of the Kraken...

  • Latin II
    Latin II
    // Day: Monday - Thursday  Times (Pacific Time):  8:00 - 8:50am - Lauren Abens 10:00 - 10:50am - Lauren Abens Class Description: Latin II reviews the grammar of Latin I and introduces the...

  • Latin III
    Latin III
    // Day: Monday - Thursday Times (Pacific Time): 11:00am - 11:50am - Brian Kohl Class Description:  In this course, students will begin to scale the heights of Latin grammar, covering...

  • Spanish I
    Spanish I
    // Days: Monday - Thursday Times (Pacific Time): 9:00am - 9:50am - Jackie Amorelli 11:00am - 11:50am - Jackie Amorelli Class Description: Spanish I will introduce students to the basics of Spanish...

  • Spanish II
    Spanish II
    // Day: Monday - Thursday  Times (Pacific Time): 11:00am - 11:00am - Josiah Roberts Class Description: Spanish II will teach students to implement the skills they learned in Spanish I in various...

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