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Intermediate Logic: DVD Set

Mastering Propositional Logic

Once students have developed the fundamentals of logic taught in Introductory Logic, they are ready to move on to analysis of arguments. Completely revised and expanded, our second logic DVD course will help students eighth grade and up master propositional logic. This course will bring a logician with more than twenty years of teaching experience right into your home. James Nance will walk you through every lesson in his bestselling Intermediate Logic textbook: proofs of validity, truth trees, how to identify arguments and analyze their structure in real writing, and much more, not to mention practice tests and other special helps for those learning at home. Nance also includes an optional unit on digital logic, the logical language on which most everyday gadgets run. Enjoy!

Four dual-layer DVDs. Running time: 12+ hours.

Click here to download the errata sheet for Intermediate Logic. We will update as we are made aware of errors -- thanks for letting us know anything you catch!

Click here to download a spreadsheet with a list of all video titles, the running time in each, and the lessons that correspond with them.

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