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  • Ancient History Facts
    Ancient History Facts
    Reinforce your student's memory of historical facts about Egypt, Sumer, Assyria, Babylon, Israel, Rome, and Greece. David Kohl has compiled ten facts for each civilization and explains how he uses them in his 5th grade class...

  • Modern American History Student Workbook
    Modern American History Student Workbook
    In Modern United States History the student will develop a working knowledge of the sequence of events in the United States during the late 19th, the entire 20th, and the beginning of the 21st centuries. They will chronicle...

  • Modern American History - Teacher's Edition
    Modern American History - Teacher's Edition
    This teacher's edition of the Modern U.S. History student workbook suggests a 19-week schedule, provides answers to all the worksheets, helpful review sheets, quizzes, a final project and a test. View...

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton
    As an inventor, astronomer, physicist, and philosopher, Isaac Newton forever changed the way we see and understand the world. At one point, he was the world’s leading authority in mathematics, optics, and alchemy. And...

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