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Classically Cursive: Bible Primer, Book I

Developed at in the 2nd grade classroom at Logos School by Master Teacher, B.J. Jordan. This is the perfect age to introduce cursive writing, and the perfect content with which to do it. 

This workbook teachers students the Modern Cursive style of handwriting. Modern Cursive is a simple handwriting style that enables students to make an easy transition from Modern Manuscript printing to cursive. This program is classical in its methodology by having students imitate excellent handwriting while copying selections of worthwhile content. 

This first book in the series quickly reviews modern manuscript before introducing the lowercase modern cursive letters one at a time. Numbers and arrows indicate the correct strokes for forming each letter, and children practice tracing over gray letters before writing letters on their own. The rest of each page encourages students to form a series of that letter connected together and practice small given words. The cursive capital alphabet is then introduced and practiced before students end by neatly copying the books of the Bible and several verses (KJV) on the lined pages which follow.




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