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Classical Math - Grade 2: Student Workbook

Logos School presents Classical Math 2.

Both challenging and rewarding, this text features ample review and a steady accumulation of daily math skills. Classical Math 2 will ensure your students have a rock-solid foundation in math, preparing them for a rigorous course of study and allowing them to enjoy math for a lifetime.

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From the author, B.J. Jordan:

"When I first started teaching Second Grade at Logos School, we tried several math curricula. I found myself making supplemental review sheets along the way, while students were frustrated or put to sleep by poor pacing and sequencing of new concepts. After searching the market, I could not find a suitable math curriculum. So, our Superintendent urged me to write our own math curriculum, incorporating the classical methods of chanting, jingles, and constant review, while challenging students through the year. That is how Classical Math 2 began. We have been using it here at Logos School for seven years and we are very satisfied with the results!"

From our Elementary Principal, Matt Whitling:

"After years of searching for a math program that was 'just the right fit' in the early grammar years, Mrs. Jordan wrote her own. We couldn't be more pleased with the results...The reason that we wrote Classical Math is that, while we do appreciate many aspects of the Saxon program, we aren't so fond of the overall pacing, emphasis, and formatting of Saxon math in the lower elementary. We wanted a math program that reviewed previous material without becoming tedious, emphasized what we would call the grammar of mathematics (arithmetic), and had a layout that fostered a serious study of math in the lower grades."

From Larry Stephenson, Superintendent, Cary Christian School, Cary, NC:

"We at Cary Christian School implemented this classical math program five years ago and have found it to be highly successful. B.J. Jordan uses her practical classroom experience in classical education pedagogy to produce a curriculum that is both challenging in recall of past concepts, as well as providing enough practice of the new concept to cement those ideas in preparation for the next day’s lesson. This math program provides that important balance better than any other that I have reviewed or experienced during my twenty-year career."

Connie Kimmell, 2nd Grade Teacher:

"I have found the Classical Math 2 to be a wonderful math curriculum for our second grade. It is thorough and challenging, with comprehensive and consistent review of each concept learned. It teaches students to pay attention to detail, to read directions carefully, and to be consistent in answering questions. I have been extremely pleased with Classical Math 2. My students have worked hard and done well. I feel they really know what they have learned and are ready to move on to the next level."

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