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  • Complete Book of the Microscope
    Complete Book of the Microscope
    Astonishing photographs from electron and optical microscopes bring you face-to-face with creepy microscopic creatures, gruesome germs, and the rest of the unseen world. Your children will not want to put this book down!...

  • Mysteries & Marvels of Nature
    Mysteries & Marvels of Nature
    A fascinating glimpse into the incredible wonders of God's creation. Fantastic photographs, electron microscope images, and illustrations complement the detailed explanations of the phenomena found in nature. Astonishing!...

  • Pocket Microscope, 100X
    Pocket Microscope, 100X
    Pocket Microscope, 100X An inexpensive, easy-to-use pocket microscope that can be carried along anywhere! The 100X magnification provides amazing detail of insects, plants, and other objects, with zoom magnification from...

  • The Body Book
    The Body Book
    Your children will use this book to create a model of the human body that is nearly as big as they are! They'll also learn many facts about their bodies and how their organs function. The model building pages are...

  • Usborne Science Encyclopedia
    Usborne Science Encyclopedia
    This encyclopedia is chock-full of information about the animal world, plants and fungi, and the human body (and much more!). It includes over 1500 incredible photographs, illustrations, and diagrams. Optional Internet links...

  • Noeo Science: Biology 2
    Noeo Science: Biology 2
    $161.67 $145.50
    // Ships within 5 business days Designed especially for teaching science at home. Its variety-filled structure is best described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. In...

  • Noeo Science: Biology 2 Instructor's Guide
    Noeo Science: Biology 2 Instructor's Guide
    Includes a full 36-week schedule of reading assignments, experiments and activities. Reproducible lab and science notebook pages are also included. View...

  • Biology 2 Experiment Kits
    Biology 2 Experiment Kits
    Each of these multi-award winning kits is individually packaged and includes: fully-explained experiments including: purpose, materials, methods, results, and conclusions (instructions for both student and...

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