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Illumax 100X Slide Microscope and Slides

Don't be fooled, this affordably priced microscope is not a toy! It magnifies objects to 100 times their size and has fantastic optics for a portable scope. This is not the 30X version that you may have seen elsewhere. It also includes a stand and six acrylic slides. We will use this instrument throughout the Biology II course for a great introduction to the microscopic world.

NOTE: Even if you already own a full-size microscope, you'll want this one for nature walks, field trips, and other places where it is simply not practical to carry a large microscope.The bulb concentrates light directly on the object you want to view, providing clarity you cannot achieve with many low-cost microscopes.

Powered by two "AA" batteries (not included). Also includes a slide-out 8X magnifier lens for initial sample inspection.

ILLUMAX 100X Features:

  • Plastic Base - lets you use the microscope to view objects mounted on slides. 
  • Acrylic Slides - supplied with six blank slides to prepare for viewing selected objects. 
  • 8X Magnifier - slide-out lens magnifies objects to eight times their actual size. 
  • Storage Case - protects your microscope with a durable snap-closure vinyl case. 
  • The pocket microscope's slide-out lens magnifies an object to eight times its original size. Use this magnifier when you want to view an object requiring a small amount of magnification and no extra illumination. 
  • The microscope magnifies objects to 100 times their actual size. 
  • A power switch turns on the the microscope's bulb and concentrates light directly on the object for easier viewing. 
  • A focus adjustment wheel rotates to achieve a sharp view. 
  • You can use the microscope with the supplied base to view microscopic objects mounted on slides. 
  • Six blank acrylic slides are included with purchase and conventional 1"x3" glass slides are sold separately.
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